My dad died in May 1970 when I was 18. I wrote these lines 40 years later

Taken away so abruptly

no time for sad good-byes –

Did you ever see


all that I’ve come to be


Did you ever weep silently

o’er the titanic struggles,

temptations, fears and doubts

Did you ever applaud my victories

successes or achievements


Did you ever get to know

that I’m a father too,

or understand with foresight

how my grandsons all

remind me much of you


Have you ever realised

how your life inspired my own

with calmness under crisis,

with faith in the unknown

and love that’s ever grown


If you did, I truly hope,

there are things of which you’re proud,

just as I am of your memory,

of the legacy you gave, and

of the great dad that you are.