OR,  watching the hours pass …

Counting sheep at 1am

So far sleep’s eluded

Ready for long night ahead

I have now concluded


Racing brain at 2am

Jumbled thoughts whiz round

Make no sense most of the time

Reason can’t be found


Wide awake at 3am

Body’s screaming out

Conflict with the inner man

What’s this all about ?


Birdsong starts at 4am

Just outside my window

Voices trill – imparting thrill

Choruses and solo


Toss and turn at 5am

Shall I make a drink

No, I’ll wait another hour

Drearily, I think


Getting up at 6am

Busy day ahead

Wondering if by 1pm

I’ll be almost dead


Half asleep at 2pm

Perhaps I’ll get the sack

Impossible to concentrate

Pitiful insomniac !