Third of a Trilogy

Foreknown, the sorry plight

of worlds affected by the fall,

master-plan unfolds for restoration.

Oracle speaks prophetically,

of woman’s seed, of chosen race,

of royal line, of messianic hope

awakening anticipation of

brand new dispensation


And right on cue, fulness of time

the only-begotten One

arrives, as if on centre-stage

spotlighted, heralded by

same angelic choristers that

celebrated creation’s dawn

announcing with clear voices –

To you a Saviour born


The Lion-Lamb, a Second Man

tabernacles with humanity

God in flesh through Virgin Birth

sharing woe, feeling pain – then

life laid down and full atonement made.

Bruising serpent’s head; binding man’s strong foe;

bursting prison gates; breaking captives free;

birthing glorious redemption