Ramblings following a “downer” … too much “thinking” – methinks !

Another milestone slinks

into my growing past

And like a roller-coaster

my mood sharply dips.

There is no sunshine

in my heart today,

only clouds of various

shades of grey


With gloomy thoughts

my head,  thus occupied:

With opportunities wasted

ne’er to beckon again;

Contemplating days behind

spent on trifling matters.

Wishing I’d done something else –

illusions left in tatters


Wrestling with powerful desire

for things that are off-limit

Vulnerable like rabbits

trapped in head-lights glare.

Flawed choices made

from selfish motivation;

And actions executed

for personal gratification.


Such dismal cogitations

will disperse like winter’s snow,

yet leave a residue within

that could arise once more.

So, I must exhort my soul:

“Why are you so cast down ?

Pull yourself together now,

you melancholic clown.”