Please don’t forget your future…

Look back in your rear-view mirror,

sparingly, with but brief glances,

where history & memory meet

in full panoramic expanses.

Learning, but not locked in there

at the expense of life’s advances


And living only for today, for now,

is dangerously short-sighted

Agreed there is so much to do,

in which to be delighted.

Enjoying, yet remaining fixed

on the hopes which were ignited


By your dreams and visions of a

bright, preferred tomorrow,

which have stirred you, and oft

lifted you, when visited by sorrow

Given you clear goals, and a path in

life, now unerringly to follow


As beckoning vistas draw you on,

find encouragement and wonder.

Allow these words to stimulate

your dreams, and carefully ponder,

until with true and heartfelt celebration

you reach the glistening yonder