I find renewal & refreshment in so many things – my heart is truly grateful

(I took this photo in Baysgarth Park, Barton-upon-Humber, England in 2010 – new life springing from old stump, such a vivid picture of ‘renewal’ & hope.)


I am renewed…

When I find the secret place,

When I meet God, face to face

Heart to heart, intimacy

Father’s kiss so sweet to me


I am renewed…

When I ‘hear’ His word of life

Soaking through my inner strife

Words of truth, words of calm

Like a fragrant healing balm


I am renewed…

When with friends I synergise

Seeing through each other’s eyes

When we share as family,

‘Restoring power’ in harmony


I am renewed…

When I serve those deep in need

When the hungry heart I feed

I’m refreshed as they are filled

I’m renewed doing His Will