For one so young…

Tragedy struck at my neighbour’s today –

a widow with a phobia of birds

A knock on my door and there she stood

Almost too fearful for words


“Will you please help” – her plaintive request

“A bird’s become stuck on my feeder”

So gallant knight sprang on trusty steed,

forthwith to seek to relieve her


‘Twas not only stuck, ’twas dead, the poor thing

Trapped by its feet in cold steel

Young blue-tit, I fear, just couldn’t get clear

And died after fight to be free


The widow stood by – all in an alarm

As I gently laid blue-tit to rest

The small compost heap behind garage wall

was the place that I chose, that seemed best


Then back to the feeder – with wire made safe

for any more birds that came by.

Little damsel soothed from a major distress

And me left just wondering – ‘why?’