An auto-biographical sketch in verse….

Born in December 1951

Farm-house my maternity home

Parents, Bill & Mary, great devotion in their hearts

Prepared well for my welcome


Sickly child, from 4 years old

With various ailments tried

Hospitals frequent visits made

But took it all in stride


Witnessed then the power of God

Parents, pastors prayed

Even though in years ahead

From path of right I strayed


Early teens chose my own way

It brought a lot of tears

Hurting folk who loved me so

As words came out like spears


Middle teens a change profound

within my soul took place

Met the Lord, His love came in

And saved me from disgrace


Hunger rose within my heart

To know the Saviour more

Sought His face, read His Word

He thrilled me to the core


Spirit-filled at Scarborough camp

Spoke new tongues of joy

From that time a passion grew

To be in His employ


Father’s loss a savage blow

When only seventeen

Changed my course, found a job

Knuckled down to routine


Twenty one – my big break

Bible College came to me…

8 miles from my home,

Day student I could be


Wife I met in that old place

A mutual passion shared

To reach the lost with Jesus love

To show how much He cared


For many years we’ve laboured on

And tried to give our best

Our passion grows to make Him known

and give Him all the rest