Meandering thoughts on the human tendency to “diss” and be “dissed”

Dishonoured, disenfranchised

Disappointed, disgraced

If you’ve ever been “dissed”

You know how distasteful

“diss” is


Disabled, disillusioned

disadvantaged, discredited

If you’ve ever met with “diss”

You know how distressing

“diss” is


Discouraged, dislocated

dismissed, disparaged

If you’ve ever tasted “diss”

You know how disturbing

“diss” is


But do we ever learn

And do we dish the “diss”

on others, leaving them

disgruntled, dismayed

disheartened, distraught


Should my discourse lead us

to dispatch our tendency to

“diss” into distant regions

I will consider myself discharged

from further need to disload