For those who have suffered at the hands of others: I feel for you … and this is but a fraction of how our Heavenly Father feels …

Looking in your eyes I see

a world of sadness.

Betrayal, hurt and pain

still linger there,

Casting their bleak shadows

o’er the landscape of your spirit

Ugly scars of yesterday,

carried with such dignity,

yet reflecting bitter moments of despair


And I want to whisper “sorry”

for the wrongs that you have suffered

For the anguish you have borne

within your soul.

For the doubt, fear and confusion

that have played on your emotions

For the tears that you have cried

in those moments when you

felt so all alone


And I have to whisper “sorry”

that you took on so much blame

That you couldn’t see that nothing

was your fault.

You’re a victim of such

mindless insensitivity

that contrived

to tear you apart


And I need to whisper “sorry”

that your sense of worth was crushed

that you couldn’t see

how valuable you really are

So you’ve tried to earn respect

and gain others attention

by your doing and not by

being who you are


So this is heartfelt “sorry”

coming from way down deep inside

Tenderness springing from within my heart,

reaching, bringing healing,

soothing with love’s balm of care…

Beyond all you have suffered

there’s a healing river flowing.

I hope you know it will always be there