Snap shots of the journey called ‘life’.  A growing work …. readers are invited to write their own ‘views’ as a comment, which will be considered for permanent ‘addition’ to this poem.

Delicate gossamer, highlighted by frost

Fleeting shadow – gone when sun’s rays lost


Cascading river, bound for the Atlantic

Tenderest of dreams,  elusively romantic


Fragile rose petal,  short-lived delight

Bright shooting star,  swallowed by dark night


Miniscule grain in infinite Sahara.

Sparkling diamond in majestic tiara.


Dew of new morning,  vanishing with heat

Rhythms and rhymes never complete


Manufactured vapours, merge with atmosphere

Pilgrim’s lonely pathway, seldom straight or clear


Wind’s cruel  &  chilly blast, or gentle breezes blow

Ever-changing seasons of sunshine, rain and snow