I saw you fleetingly from corner of my eye, blushing

as though diffident, hesitant to be fully seen.

I inwardly yearned for you to break through

those barriers, to appear in panoramic splendour


Then,  suddenly, you’re there – my breath is taken by

your multi-coloured arc, like a bejewelled necklace

weaving its path ‘cross sombre, rain-filled sky

Mercy’s sign, promising brighter things to come


Spectra of light through moisture droplets shine

and from each luminous hue, I hear eloquent lyrics.

Sounds that flash across the space between us, and

reverberate in the centre of my happy consciousness


Seven- coloured  symphony of sensory perfection

Violet evoking kingliness, unspeakable majesty

Indigo, bright essence of Wisdom’s spirituality

Heavenly blue’s pavement bids me rise up higher

Invigorating green bursting with life and immortality

Sun-like yellow effusing free and boundless energy

Glowing orange celebrates warmth of loving heart

Bloody-red plummets desperately to depths of suffering.


Then as you sing your song, line upon glorious line

with ethereal melodies, and haunting harmonies

overly mindful of this ephemeral moment

I reach out open hand, as if to catch my rainbow