Recognise this person ?


Pervasive confusion covers

everything he touches –

with a smog-like blanket

“God told me” – claims a hot-line

to the divine – no argument,

beyond all contradiction.


Discordant notes shrilly

sounding their off-key dissonance.

Haughty spirit looking down

from self-made pinnacle

of independence – gives rise

to nausea in the belly’s pit


Dealing underhandedly –

masterful political skills

undermining, not underlining

pulling strings behind the scenes

operating furtively, not openly

thrives on secrecy – moves in shadows


Closed off to correction,

unteachable, unaccountable,

disdaining true authority,

he fumbles ever onward,

believing that he’s leading

– when none follow after.


High-sounding words, appearing

spiritual, yet as vacuous

as the fruitless life he leads

From this time forward

may he be known

as the Dangerman