My friend, Tom Glossop, recently retired after a long, distinguished career as member of Brigg Town Council. For 32 years he served tirelessly and devotedly (3 times as Town Mayor) in addition to chairing the various committees.  His contribution will be greatly missed, though he will continue, no doubt, to be involved in other ways within the community which he loves.

I wrote this, partly with Tom in mind, for the Annual Meeting of Brigg Town Council, on 23rd May 2011, in an effort to encourage greater interest in the Brigg Community-led Plan, which is a vital work in progress.

The future of Brigg concerns everyone

met in this chamber today.

The Council determined – Community Plan,

formed by town-folk – that’s the way


So, funding received, a committee conceived

and working group put into place

The ship duly launched, soon hit stormy seas

was well-nigh lost without trace


Waves of nonsense, indifference, petulance too

made progress exceedingly slow.

Some crew stayed on board, guiding her toward

the destination ’twas deemed she should go


So here I now stand, making this heart-felt plea

Whatever the party you’re from

Arise from your rear, come on volunteer

And forgive me for sounding like Tom !!