But not those scored in the beautiful game of cricket


‘Twas early in the morning
round 5-ish I’d surmise
watched a fox, through my binocs
prior to sudden attacks.
Then, yesterday was cancelled
a bad case of the runs
dropped me and stopped me
so squarely in my tracks
Waves and waves of nausea
sea legs, jellified –
frailty untold, shivering cold
though temperature soared outside
Churning and griping
Thoughts became confused
Took to my bed, helped clear my head
Alka Seltzer had been tried
Time dragged by so slowly
I slept and drank and ran
late afternoon, and not too soon
was beginning to repair.
It came to pass, thankfully
And now I’m in the clear
All that remains is the pain
of a red raw derrière