Questions from a vital parable.

When the good seed of the Word

alights on this heart of mine

how ready will I be to receive.

It has the power to change

to completely re-arrange,

Yet my heart has the cunning to deceive


Is it hard & trampled down

by the footsteps passing by

so the good seed can no entrance find

Do the birds of the air

Eat their fill without a care

stealing the truth from my mind


Is there stony ground beneath

the surface that is seen, so

the seed cannot deeply penetrate

Do I start out with great glee

But when problems then confront me

Does the heat then His purposes frustrate


Am I too cluttered up with the

cares of this life, surviving,

making money, having fun.

Is what started out in me

choked by these things constantly

Before any real fruit has begun


Or do I have a heart prepared,

softened by the plough and rain

ready to receive the living seed.

Will there be a harvest time

reaped from this life of mine

fruit both of character and deed