A skirmish with my German dentist


Without a shade of warning worked loose the other day,

a non-convenient moment, old crown refused to stay

in place where it belonged screwed tight into my gum.

The prospect of dental work made me rather glum.


Thought super glue and poly-grip may just have done the trick,

but after many failed attempts the crown refused to stick.

And so with great reluctance an appointment I did make

with Felix, my German dentist, and time-out I did take.


He took one look & shook his head, “There’s nothing I can do

With this old crown, as you can see, the threads gone on the screw.

A new crown must be fitted,  ’twill take a month or two

I’ll patch up this one temporarily And hope you make it through.”


An hour in his surgery passed ’twas measured & prepared.

For me it was an ordeal,  of drills & such I’m scared !

But finally all work is done, new gleaming crown in socket

And now the only pain I feel is the large hole in my pocket.