Some “tags” that people try to stick on us …


Unwilling to listen

discuss or entertain

Unaccepting of opinions

that differ with mine



Inconsiderate like

bull in china shop

Unfeeling of others,

Driven blindly by ambition



Pronouncing sentence

on those who disagree

Critical, censorious

Is how I’m seen to be



Always trying to push

my own way through

Manipulating, controlling

Others never given a say



Always looking out

for number one

Self-centred, self-opinionated

Uncaring and untrue


Can you see me

in any of these lines ?

I’m most surprised,

don’t recognise

the one I’m thought to be


So spare a thought

before you hang

your label on some-one.

And check it first that it’s not you,

that you are thinking of…..