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On the emptiness of much that goes under the title of “friendship”

When friendship is devalued

by hollow-sounding words

When it seems so very meaningless

and true heart isn’t heard

When relationships mean nothing more

than ships passing at night

When we take others for granted

In God’s name is this right ?

When performance stops us loving

and rivalry ensues

When consumed with ‘I must win’

And we’re so afraid to lose

When we fail to keep our promises

and loyalty is breached

When we argue, lashing out around

And impasse then is reached


Let us mourn…




For those battling this monster, as we all must from time to time…

Out of bounds

Off limits

Forbidden territory

Feelings rise

Can paralyse –

Thoughts involuntary


Greener grass

The other side

Such a great delusion

If we believe

we may grieve

Cause heartbreak and confusion


Get a grip

Mind control

Do not compromise


and honesty

Must overcome those lies


Scarred Persona

Dedicated to fellow travellers, who have been damaged, yet show such dignity in suffering – you have my deepest respect.

Ravages of brutal battles fought

now manifest on visage pale.

Furrowed brow as plowed field,

Sunken cheeks like craters

left by Exocet missile


Wounds deeply etched

in turbulent memory,

lacerations in fragile mind,

as blood-red ribbons blown

by unrelenting breeze


Self-image shattered into

a million fragments, by

heartless words and deeds,

as a mirror trampled

beneath jack-boots


Jagged shards which

endlessly pierce through

levels of consciousness

dispensing their pain

at a moments notice


Marks now bravely worn

with supreme dignity.

In magnificent resilience

pressing ever onward

towards a brighter day


Face To Face

Coming to terms with the great certainty.

Face to face with another’s demise

my own mortality comes in full view

Known as “the way of all flesh”

No evading, no avoiding – this is true


Appointment which I must keep

Whate’er my station on this earth

as sure and certain is my death,

as was my day of birth


I may ignore, like ostrich bury head

I may live like my life will never end

Such foolishness changes not a thing,

it does not help when I pretend


But making preparation,

Is the wisest thing to do.

Be at peace with God, my Maker

and those around me too


So, ’til this earthly stage I leave

and every scene’s been traced

in shadow of eternity I’ll be

preparing for that face to Face.

Power Bearer

A modern parable …


Standing tall conspicuous,

though largely ignored.

Transporting invisible energies

to multitudes, unknowingly

dependent on his stability,

beneficiaries of his constancy


Proudly holding aloft,

cables cackling merrily

as if impersonating

those perched to rest and preen


Relentlessly buffeted in howling gales

and wintry storms, exposed and

un-sheltered yet still  standing –

as if to attention


And so may we …