Random ramblings on a ramble in the countryside …

Daybreak beckons;

countryside’s sprawl welcomes;

hedge-rows serenading with

sweetest birdsong.


Wooded copses

hosting wind-led symphonies.

Frost glistening,

ice grasping

unsuspecting feet.


Sun smiles fleetingly,

as grey clouds gather

to precipitate with faintest

‘pitterings’ on outer garb.



of rifle crack


unwanted creatures’

untimely demise;

of  pheasants’

startled screech,

disturbed in love-making.


Sleepy village disregarding,

save watchful felines

suspiciously guarding

territory, threatened

by intrusive stranger.


River rippling gently,

effortlessly meandering

toward oceanic destination


And me … perambulating,

happy as a lark

in natural environ.