Home now, place of belonging,

in safety of Father’s house.

Long and torturous journey

‘cross rugged mountains, whose

jagged rocks tore tender feet to shreds.

Through deep, dark valleys of despair

casting deathly shadows over tormented soul.

O’er sun-scorched deserts, where

parched spirit thirsted, all in vain.

Along dangerous bypaths, threatening

to swallow true identity.  Leaving bruising,

brokenness, almost bereft of hope.


Surviving, and inside is birthed

resilience, triumphant in adversity;

determination filling the vacuum,

so keenly, painfully, felt within.


And though ugly scars remain, as mementos

of trauma – home now, with Love’s

healing balm abundantly applied.

Warmly embraced in tender arms,

acceptance – integral to Father’s family.

Smothered in delicious fragrances,

covered with robes, befitting royalty.

Diamond-spangled band adorns finger –

covenant sign and token of belonging.

Seated at sumptuous banqueting table,

partaking of the best cuisine, and joyful

celebration, amid musical extravaganza,

and Father’s beaming face, says it all…

“You’re home now!”.