A bible story re-visited


Father’s favoritism fuels family feuding

Fashionable fabric forfeits filial fidelity

Fascinating fantasy fervently flaunted

Falls foul of fractured fraternity

Fermenting ferocious friction


Fragmented fellowship forces

frightened fellow faraway for fee.

Fares fine for Pharoah’s foreman.

For fending off flighty femme fatale

 feels fury of framing fabrication.


Faultless – flung from freedom

fearlessly foretells future

for favorless flunkeys.

Forgotten, forlorn, frustrated


Finally finding favour

for fathoming frightening,

fatidical fantasmagoria

forewarning forthcoming famine


Feted, famed forthwith.

Fathered “Forgetful” first, “Fruitful” fast following ***

Food front-man for famished folk

Familiar faces from far-flung frontiers

feigns frostiness, farcical fawning.


Forgiveness flows from flagitation

for flabbergasted fraternal.

Fabulous festivities forerun

flourishing familial fortunes –

fully fitting finale


(*** Joseph’s two sons:

Manasseh means Forgetful

Ephraim means Fruitful)

Genesis 37 & 39-50