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Go Peaceful


I was recently impacted by these words, written by Paul Field, which deeply resonate with my heart’s desire as we move into 2017. I hope that you appreciate them, and it’s my heartfelt prayer that you will be richly blessed in the coming 12 months – indeed, may we all be known by love.


Go peaceful
in gentleness
through the violence of these days.
Give freely.
Show tenderness
in all your ways.

Through darkness,
in troubled times
let holiness be your aim.
Seek wisdom.
Let faithfulness
burn like a flame.

God speed you!
God lead you,
and keep you wrapped around His heart!
May you be known by love.

Be righteous.
Speak truthfully
in a world of greed and lies.
Show kindness.
See everyone
through heaven’s eyes.

God hold you,
enfold you,
and keep you wrapped around His heart.
May you be known by love.

(by Paul Field)


Here’s a version of the song I found on YouTube, sung by Sarah Hart:

Go Peaceful – A Reflection

Any Room ?

Please stop and ask yourself

“Do I make space for what really matters”

OR is it a case of :

Image result for no room

No room for the Baby at Bethlehem’s Inn,
Only a cattle shed,
No home on this earth for the dear Son of God,
Nowhere to lay his head.
Only a cross did they give to our Lord,
Only a borrowed tomb,
Today He is seeking a place in your heart,
Will you still say to Him “No room”?


O Lord, in my heart there’s a welcome for You,
Gladly I now would say,
‘Come in, blessed Saviour, my heart and my life
Henceforth would own Your sway.
Long have You waited and long knocked in vain
Outside my heart’s closed door;
O cleanse me from sin, then dear Lord, enter in
And dwell there forever more’


“Behold I stand at the door and knock …”

Image result for holman hunt jesus at the door

An allegorical painting entitled: “The Light of the World” (from the 1850’s)

by English pre-Raphaelite artist, William Holman Hunt


“Let every heart prepare Him room …”