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Gunnerside Gleanings

After a recent visit with friends to this lovely spot in Swaledale, North Yorkshire

I penned the words below, and included some visual images

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Gunnerside GillGunnerside GillGunnerside GillGunnerside Gill

Stretching out beyond me

amid panoramic views of

wooded valleys and grassy hills,

a narrow, labyrinthine trail

twisting, turning o’er

uneven terrain, littered with …


… displaced rocks from

precipitous cliffs above

… gnarled tree roots

standing proudly prominent

 … low-hanging branches

wildly over-arching


All dampened by drizzly droplets

demanding utmost respect

ready to stumble or ensnare

the careless or the unaware.

A mirror and chronicle

of my enigmatic soul




My Eclosion



Hidden, not hiding,

in chrysalis

of metallic-gold,




tightly clinging,

silently waiting

my eclosion

to another loveliness






Bright River

The image speaks for itself, but from it flowed the verses…

Bright river beckons me

Promising wholesome delights

Around every corner.

Nature’s magnificence

spills into consciousness

o’erflowing my senses


And I heartily invite you

To share this blissful moment

our souls enraptured,

breathing such ambiance

that mysteriously, irresistibly

binds us closer together


And we welcome all

refreshing here to seek

as flowing gently on

bright river enchants

stirring deeper emotions

with pleasance sweet