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Trying to capture those last moments of a loved one’s earthly journey

Observing patiently,

Feeling helplessly

frustration’s pangs.

Unfolding agony

compounding misery

as life hangs precariously

in the balance.


Declining speedily,

Calling desperately

for memory’s succour.

Engaging sympathy

sustaining mercy

as death waits menacingly

in the wings


Caring tenderly,

Touching gently

fevered brow.

Hearing spiritually

bringing clarity

as angels sing triumphantly

their welcome song


Releasing into realms unknown



Face To Face

Coming to terms with the great certainty.

Face to face with another’s demise

my own mortality comes in full view

Known as “the way of all flesh”

No evading, no avoiding – this is true


Appointment which I must keep

Whate’er my station on this earth

as sure and certain is my death,

as was my day of birth


I may ignore, like ostrich bury head

I may live like my life will never end

Such foolishness changes not a thing,

it does not help when I pretend


But making preparation,

Is the wisest thing to do.

Be at peace with God, my Maker

and those around me too


So, ’til this earthly stage I leave

and every scene’s been traced

in shadow of eternity I’ll be

preparing for that face to Face.