I did on Monday – with my wife and two of our grandsons – these are a few glimpses of what we enjoyed together.

TWIGMOOR in North Lincolnshire, England, is a beautiful woodland area within 7 miles of home. It was the chosen destination for our mid-day picnic. The sun shone, but rain was forecast, so we didn’t want to press too far into the woods, conscious also of little legs propensity to tire quickly and require carrying !!

Yet far enough to see some of the many varieties of shrubs and trees, and hear some of their feathered inhabitants in full song.

In May and June, Twigmoor is also renowned for its colourful display of ‘rhododendron’ – a member of the heath family of trees/shrubs – with its leathery leaves and large showy flowers.  Here are some examples for your delectation:

Daniel (blue top) and Liam loved walking, running, exploring. Faces lighting up with huge smiles with every discovery. Grandad took lots of pictures to share with his friends, and Grandma ‘fussed’ about getting lost – questioning Grandad’s sense of direction! We were only 15 minutes from the car park

We found a wonderful clearing in the woods where we decided to eat our picnic – in the shade of huge trees, surrounded by birdsong – idyllic.

Unfortunately, we didn’t meet any Teddy Bears !!