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Can living with regret hold us back from our destiny ?

I should have:

Aimed higher, learned faster

Loved better…

I could have:

Played longer, acted quicker

Stood firmer…

I would have:

Laughed louder, worked harder

Kept fitter…


And now refuse to let

‘might have been’

be my tormentor.



First written in Oct 2009 for a friend, whose son left this life in tragic circumstances. To one so treasured…this humble tribute.

Yo Gordy.  Never to be forgotten

Remembering your
Effusive personality
Success in work

Infectious laughter
Notable story telling

Passion for fashion
Enormous hunger
Astounding talent
Courage in suffering
Engaging charm

Keeps you larger than life
In our thoughts forever

Though snatched away
By death’s cold hand –
Fingertips caress your pictures,
Hearts embrace your memory,
and heaven is enriched

R U Hearing?

While protecting ourselves from the billion voices daily clamouring for our attention, do we inadvertently tune out the Voice that really matters?

Surround sound

voices clamouring


Pressing, persuading

pushing, pummelling

deafening, numbing

senses reeling

spirit paralysing…


De-sensitized we block

building our immunity,

weary of mixed messages

bewildered by dissonance

evolving shallow thinking.

Indifferently, turning off –

as re-cycle bin of soul

reaches overflowing…


Into the morass

enters “still, small Voice”

breaking through

calmly re-assuring

authoritatively speaking

majestically unfolding

“Pay attention

to what you hear”

It’s not enough to listen

We must ‘hear’ deep inside.

Mattress Magic

September’s musing – a lighter look at the virtue of “the memory foam matress”

Was it my imagination, or was my mattress getting harder ? Sleep seemed reduced to 4-5 hours maximum per night, with no apparent benefit accruing. Perhaps it was time to change. Consultations with my ‘better half’ led to the conclusion that our orthopaedic mattress (now more than 8 years old) did not represent a great blessing & needed replacing. My wife has been attending physiotherapy sessions for a recurring back problem in recent months, and has experienced considerable discomfort, especially on mornings…

We reminisced how, at the start of our marriage (on September 13th 1975) we acquired a three-quarter sized bed, which sufficed until the first pregnancy, but Sue’s sudden growth spurt meant considerably less room in already cramped & uncomfortable conditions. On visiting my mother about this time we used her lovely double bed & afterwards commented what a good night’s sleep we’d had… “You should buy yourselves a new bed”, she insisted, in a tone of voice that was much more a command than a suggestion. “There’s no way we could afford that just now” I protested, “it would be at least £100″ – (now remember it’s back in 1976!)

Arriving home later, after our few days away, we were keen to open the mail, and on this occasion found a letter from a friend, enclosing a cheque for £100, to be used, he said, for any need we might have – yes, you’re right, it went immediately on a brand new double bed…

Back into the present…our discussions culminated in a visit to the local Bed Shop, where we looked at & laid on several of the mattresses on display. They ranged in price from £200-500 (mattress only).

We were suitably impressed by those termed ‘memory foam mattresses’ (pictured above) and decided they appeared the better option. One in particular seemed most comfortable & affordable, and we were informed there was one in stock which could be delivered within a couple of hours.

We signed & paid. Two hours later, hey presto – delivery van, old mattress out, new mattress in – 10 minutes all installed…

That was a few weeks ago & I cannot tell you what a change it has made, to both of us – in such a short time.

My whole body is now smiling.

And of course, it is entirely biblical for God’s children to enjoy sleep, like Jeremiah, who exclaimed, “what a pleasant & satisfying sleep” (Message) experiencing the benefit of ‘promises’ such as Proverbs 3:24 “when you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet” (NIV) or Psalm 127:2b “…for he grants sleep to those he loves” (NIV)

Confronting Confusion

A perspective on prevailing 21st Century ‘sacred cows’

Clever sounding words

intended to impress:




human inventiveness


Believing one’s own truth

though living for a lie




Free thinking philosophy


Spirit of confusion

relishing delusion

untold profusion

of blatant contradiction


How can this all be right,

as truth lays in the street

unnoticed, disregarded.

And those who plead its cause

are contemptuously held

as intellectually retarded


Let Oracle be loosed

Sword of truth be lifted high

Fleshed out in believing lives

that will not compromise

Radiant with salvation’s glow

Love burning in their eyes