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Melancholic Madness

Ramblings following a “downer” … too much “thinking” – methinks !

Another milestone slinks

into my growing past

And like a roller-coaster

my mood sharply dips.

There is no sunshine

in my heart today,

only clouds of various

shades of grey


With gloomy thoughts

my head,  thus occupied:

With opportunities wasted

ne’er to beckon again;

Contemplating days behind

spent on trifling matters.

Wishing I’d done something else –

illusions left in tatters


Wrestling with powerful desire

for things that are off-limit

Vulnerable like rabbits

trapped in head-lights glare.

Flawed choices made

from selfish motivation;

And actions executed

for personal gratification.


Such dismal cogitations

will disperse like winter’s snow,

yet leave a residue within

that could arise once more.

So, I must exhort my soul:

“Why are you so cast down ?

Pull yourself together now,

you melancholic clown.”



Inspired by imagery from G K Chesterton, and yesterday’s wonderful full moon.

Naked moon


borrowed beams,

stands in jet sky


with blinking luminaries.


Moon-man stands

exposed for world to see

forsaken of all cover

dancing without shame



I stand


drawn as if by

hand invisible

to pour forth

heartfelt praise …


First of a Trilogy


Sublime fiat sovereignly ordains

galaxies to manifest from nought,

directed by invisible hand,

symphonically arranged.

Creative genius breathes

across emptiness, exhaling

myriad universes, appearing

in spectacular array


And here within full panorama

of brilliant cosmic design

arises, as if on centre stage

in spotlight, and heralded by

a fanfare of rich celestial melodies,

that tiny globe we claim as home,

richly  textured with the

intricate tapestries of life


Crowning glory – pinnacle,

Homo sapiens, bearing

image of the Maker,

And drawing forth

glowing pronouncement:

Very Good – no portent here

of approaching calamity

in original paradise


Second of a Trilogy

Yet storm clouds gather as

prince of darkness

uncoils his ruthless strategy

to sabotage creation’s bliss.

Seductive voice burns into heart

challenging: Has God said ?

contradicting: You shall not die !


Mesmerised, tantalised

as wily tempter weaves

his beguiling charms

on innocent’s psyche.

desires overwhelming

new emotions stirring

reasonings controlling, till

battered will succumbs


Relationship’s ruination

through wilful disobedience,

hiding away – shame-filled

pointing finger of accusation

shifting blame away from self

symptoms of guilt ridden-ness,

and profound shift  of nature


All creation groans

beneath the weight

of homo sapiens’

dreadful fall

waiting for the

promised redemption


Third of a Trilogy

Foreknown, the sorry plight

of worlds affected by the fall,

master-plan unfolds for restoration.

Oracle speaks prophetically,

of woman’s seed, of chosen race,

of royal line, of messianic hope

awakening anticipation of

brand new dispensation


And right on cue, fulness of time

the only-begotten One

arrives, as if on centre-stage

spotlighted, heralded by

same angelic choristers that

celebrated creation’s dawn

announcing with clear voices –

To you a Saviour born


The Lion-Lamb, a Second Man

tabernacles with humanity

God in flesh through Virgin Birth

sharing woe, feeling pain – then

life laid down and full atonement made.

Bruising serpent’s head; binding man’s strong foe;

bursting prison gates; breaking captives free;

birthing glorious redemption