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Damaged Soul

How does one bring healing to one so hurt ?

Wounded and so fearful

Trapped in memory

Shrunken violet violated

By insensitivity

Broken, crushed in spirit

Damaged at the core

Relationships too painful

Intimacy sore

Withdrawn, and ever lonely

Heaviness untold

Anguished emotions

Tragic to behold

There has to be an answer

The key to this locked door

To bring release, the kiss of peace

Is what I’m longing for

Then words of consolation

come ringing loud and clear

“Restorer of the soul”

is drawing very near


Stinging Tears

Each heart knows its own bitterness…says a Jewish Proverb – is this how ?

Pain from pierced

and broken heart

flows, jet propelled

in stinging tears

through reddened eyes


Acid drops etching

rivulets down puffy cheeks;

’til reaching quivering lips,

the heart tastes

it’s own bitterness

The personification of a widespread “spiritual” phenomenon.

Deception wears a sickly smile

as he takes you by the hand

leading to his temple of delusion

Articulate, attractive, entertaining

he promises an end to your confusion

Arguments so plausible as he spins

his web of lies,

to catch you unawares

as you view his ‘paradise’


Cloak of ‘light’ his favoured garb

pretense his practiced art,

a mask to hide his true design

manipulation of the heart.

Disarming, so charming,

defenses coming down.

Get you believing – deadly strategy.

His paths with victims strewn


Ancient truth must rise within

to overcome that plan

If his ‘truth’ accords not with

the Word, there’s no light in him.

That Word – a light to show our path,

a lamp to guide our feet –

to keep us from his devious ways,

to shield us from deceit


Battling with a brute of an infection – argh – get off me !!!

Viral infection

change of complexion

Temperature high

Feels like I’ll die


Toxic brain

under strain

Thoughts befuddled

totally muddled


Dark as night

Awful sight

Pity party

Need sympathy


Decline Upward

A gut-wrenching piece – based on personal experience of watching a loved one.


Formerly …

So proud and assured, in

self-sufficient autonomy.

Strong and decisive

motivated, purposeful


Finally …

Bowed and bemused

Battered and bruised

‘Til … broken – just

A shadow of himself


Threadbare …

grip on reality

as hopes fade

and shadows lengthen

on earth’s brief day


(slightly over 3 weeks later)


Now …

In light incomprehensible

and solace indescribable

entering the Presence

of Majesty & Love