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Random ramblings on a ramble in the countryside …

Daybreak beckons;

countryside’s sprawl welcomes;

hedge-rows serenading with

sweetest birdsong.


Wooded copses

hosting wind-led symphonies.

Frost glistening,

ice grasping

unsuspecting feet.


Sun smiles fleetingly,

as grey clouds gather

to precipitate with faintest

‘pitterings’ on outer garb.



of rifle crack


unwanted creatures’

untimely demise;

of  pheasants’

startled screech,

disturbed in love-making.


Sleepy village disregarding,

save watchful felines

suspiciously guarding

territory, threatened

by intrusive stranger.


River rippling gently,

effortlessly meandering

toward oceanic destination


And me … perambulating,

happy as a lark

in natural environ.



Multiple haiku …

Three score years now spent

Most with clear and good intent

Few which cause lament


Thanks to family

And to friends who stand with me

Caring ceaselessly


Been ever learning

Driven on by deep yearning

All to God turning


When this life’s complete

I’ll fall down at Jesus’ feet

With joy that’s replete


Christmas Concise

A Christmas Creed



It’s a glorious time in our calendar – reflecting an event that changed the course of world history – the birth of Jesus. An appropriate season for believers to re-affirm their faith – and when those not yet convinced often decide to ‘look into it’.

Here’s a ‘personal’ creed – you may like to ‘adopt’ it this Christmas-time:

I believe in Jesus Christ, and in the wonder of the gospel which broke into the world at Bethlehem.

I believe in the One whose spirit dignified an obscure town in Judea, and who still brings transformation to people the world over.

I believe in the One who found no room in the crowded inn, and sadly reflect that often my heart still prefers to exclude Him from my life.

I believe in the One whose cradle was a cattle trough, whose life was lived among ordinary people, and who was largely ignored by earth’s rulers and celebrities.

I believe in the One who proclaimed the invincible love of God, who looked at people through eyes of compassion, and who lifted human weakness up to meet the strength of God

I believe in my everlasting need of God – the need of forgiveness for my selfishness and greed; the need for new life in my empty soul; the need for His burning love when my heart grows cold.

I believe in a God who gave the very best – His only Son. I believe Bethlehem’s gift was given for me, for you and for all the world…

Have a wonder-filled Christmas !

Star Talk

Worship me not, I’m

merely a sign-post

showing the way.


pitch-black sky

inspiring sages

on toilsome trek.


And speak of me

never more highly than,

nor distract from,

the Awesome One

I point towards –

bright Morning Star

heaven’s effulgent Son


Mine is a borrowed radiance,

bright reflection of

Another’s greater glory –

intrinsically his own.

Brilliantly inexpressible

universally observable

uniquely his alone


Give worship only to

the deserving One, who

divesting Himself

of deity’s attributes,

graced an alienated world

with life  indescribable,

emissions of pure light and love.