I read an anonymous article recently and found it really refreshing. It made me reflect once more on the vital issue of personal integrity, and resulted in the following ‘pointers’ – without doubt each is worthy of much fuller treatment and meditation, but I hope you will find inspiration here, and fill in the many gaps:

  1. Valuing other people’s time

People of integrity value their own time and consequently value the time of other people.  If you spend time with them, it is highly likely they will thank you for that as well.

  1. Giving credit where it is due

They do not take credit for things they did not do. They will always credit those who deserve it.

  1. Committing to authenticity and honesty

You won’t catch them in a lie or being fake. They are honest people that feel no need to lie, as it is important for them to get where they need to get in life honestly.

  1. Refusing to take advantage of others

They are not the kind of people who will take advantage of someone else. They love to build people up and help them get where they need to be. Taking too much from someone else will never be an issue with someone who has a lot of integrity.

  1. Shunning arguments over disagreements

They will talk through things in a civil manner, or not talk at all. You cannot and will not force this person into arguing over something completely ridiculous.

  1. Giving other people the benefit of the doubt

They try to look for the good in everyone, which can make them extremely vulnerable

  1. Sensing when something is bothering someone

They have an intuition that lets them know when something is going on. If someone is down in the dumps they will notice. Chances are they will actually do what they can to cheer you up.

  1. Believing in others

They accept your word as truth until it is disproved. That being said, they do not take lying well, and once you lie to them, they will be most hesitant in taking your word again.

  1. Apologizing quickly when at fault

If they have done something wrong they will come to you and apologize. This is just how they are. They own up to their mistakes and try to make things right.

  1. Walking in humility

They do not quite know their own worth. While they are very important and do so much good they don’t quite see it.

11. Doing good when/where they can

They are always helping other people. They love to know that they have improved someone’s life. It gives their lives meaning.

  1. Showing kindness to those who need it

Giving kindness can go a long way. When someone looks like they need a little pick-me-up these people deliver. They can brighten up almost anyone’s day.


One final thought … if you are a person of integrity, thank you for being who you are, and thank you for all that you do. You really do make a difference in society, so please keep up the good work.