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Personal Gethsemane

An unforgettable part of the journey…………….

I was there

Betrayed by kiss of friend

Dark night of the soul

Seemed to never end

I was there

Agonies of mind

Loud demonic clammer

Hatefully combined

I was there

Lonely and afraid

Helpless prisoner

of torment – unallayed

I was there

Part of master-plan !

Broke, refined a stubborn will

And made me what I am

He was there

Knows the place full well

Loved me in my darkest hour

Brought me through to tell…..

If you’re there

These words may touch a deeper part.

But let me bring assurance now

There’s healing for your heart.


Two Sides – One Story

A friend sent this image suggesting it may prompt some verses … so here goes, and I hope someone will find them useful

Stark reality

Desperate tragedy

Silent tribute hangs

Echoes in memory


Rainbow’s mercy sign

Love’s promises entwine

Waiting sweet release

faith & hope combine


Wiping bitter tears

Chasing haunting fears

Solace now flows in

For agonising years


“We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” – The Bible.

Purposefully planned

Accident I’m not

Shaped by loving hand

Consequence of thought


Magnificent work of art

poetry sublime

envisioned by His heart

gifted into time


Expressioning His skill

Creator, excellent

Fashioned in His Will

By divine intent


Hand-crafted prize,

which genius brought forth

Treasured in his eyes

unspeakable in worth


Here ends all argument

For what He’s said is true

Now may I rest, content

His sovereign plan pursue

That Awesome Place

Journeying, with faltering steps, into the holy place…

The closer I come

to the source of true holiness

the more aware I become

– of my innate tendency

to selfishness & sinfulness

– of the secret things,

which defile who I am.

And my heart grieves that

I break His heart, with

my insolence and obstinacy


The impurities I see within

are set in contrast to the

beauty of His perfections.

Yet rather than pushing me away,

I am drawn closer, ever closer

into that awesome place

where grace is extended

where cleansing is effected

where life is exchanged

and I rise up, clothed

in a righteousness, not my own

Why ?

Life’s taunting questions give no reason to despair.

Forlorn voice articulates

what is keenly felt

at being’s softened core.

“Why ?” and “How ?”

Questions hurled

into the stratosphere,

from whence, no reply

appears forthcoming


Dismayed mind surmises

from the silence that

seems deafening:

“Is there anyone there ?”

“Does anyone care ?”

And still it seems

that nothing is returned

with no-one to respond


Blazing Spirit interposes

to halt the slippery

slide into hopelessness,

As with tear-blurred vision

I behold, the thorn-crowned brow

of suffering Creator

And deep beyond a reason,

I know: all will be well