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Counsel to a Council

Toxic fumes – party spirit fills the air

Suspicion, aggression, division – they’re all there

Treating one another with disdain

Kindergarten trends, Westminster terrain


There goes the blue-eyed, mafia-like mob

ruthlessly manipulated by Councillor Rob,

facing Councillor Mike’s dishevelled crew

(those red flag-flyers through and through)


Discordant seeds abundantly sown

springing up to harvest when full grown.

Anger, acrimony, prejudice prevail

Be not surprised when social fabrics fail


Divided communities never, ever stand,

breeding grounds for an extremist hand.

Voice of moderation must be heard

Will any recognise ‘prophetic’ word


“You’re not here party interest to seek

but Higher Will, common good, raise the weak.

Go, serve a generation: that’s your goal !

Bringing folk together, making whole”


faithful wounds

Written to express my personal dismay at the partisan politicization

of Brigg Town Council, which recently took a dramatic turn


No Tergiversation !

Reading Roy Jenkin’s biography of Winston Churchill
I discovered (for me) this new word which captivated my attention.
 Derived from the Latintergiversārī’ it’s two words joined up,
tergum = back + versari = to turn.
It’s pronounced ‘ter-jiver-sation’ and used in two distinct ways:
1:  The act of evading any clear course of action or speech, of being deliberately ambiguous.
2:  The act of abandoning something or someone, of changing sides; desertion; betrayal.

Disillusionment: bringing calls for change

Promises undelivered, agendas re-arranged

Intended ambiguity, nothing given away

Everyone kept guessing as politicians play

Not so the One, with Whom I’m called to go

Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ mean ‘No’

Truth in inner parts, what He’s seeking for

Like Nathaniel, guile-less at the core


Disagreement ! Time to jump this boat

No sense of loyalty – sticks in one’s throat

Reneging, and leaving a trail of broken-ness

Call it ‘moving on’ ? Desertion, I assess

Not so the One, I’m called to imitate

Hand to the plough, furrow laser-straight

No turning back, face set like stone

Destination death – my sin to atone


I have decided to follow Jesus

I have decided to follow Jesus

I have decided to follow Jesus

No turning back, no turning back