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Safe Place

Finding a harbour in the times of storm brings security & refreshment.

(Pictures – Scarborough Harbour, N Yorkshire)

Harbour light now in view,

As stricken, storm-tossed

vessel seeks refuge.

Welcome sight,

relief’s at hand

Place of safety beckons.

Danger recedes, with

respite from raging seas


Broken barque carrying

battered seafarers

ever closer to their destination

Fear subsiding, hopes arising

Soon to be compassed

by the shelter of desired haven

Voyage complete

Trauma soon forgotten


‘Til repaired, restored

They venture forth again

Following my recent “exploits” on the golf-course

Stiff as grandad’s old starched collars,

from doing 18-holes yesterday.

Was treated by a splendid friend,

who didn’t realise I couldn’t play –

Not well, anyway.


It all began rather desperately

lost ball after first tee-shot

Couldn’t gather my composure

Made a mess of all the lot –

Just lost the plot


I sliced, I shanked, I topped –

every bad stroke in the book

My long-suffering friend was

too embarrassed now to look

110+ shots I took


But back in the clubhouse

With a cheese & bacon bun

Plus a pint of Fosters lager

We reflected on the fun

And…I’d caught the sun


In the afternoon I suffered,

as my bunion gave me gyp

Swollen, big toe paralysed

Ice pack no great fillip

Kept me from my kip


Aching limbs, tortured pride

could it have been worse ?

Now I have the inanity

to put it into verse

– Oh where is my masseuse ?

Here Is Love

A Haiku

Child in warm embrace:
Tenderly, devotedly
Protectively held

Haiku of a snowy meadow.

(My own photograph)

Sun shining brightly

Reflects from carpet of snow

Like diamonds sparkling

Waterfall Play

The image gave rise to this rather “playful” piece.

The child within,

released to play…

Drawn to this place

to chase, to wade

to splash, to laugh

to climb, to dance

to forget the pain.


Uninhibited, uncluttered,

unsullied, uncomplicated.

Spontaneously meeting

with kindred hearts

relishing the moments

cherishing the other

in child-like innocence


And refreshed returning

to face a different world